Richardson Executive Search: Bridging Excellence in Leadership with Global Standards

Scott Stoppler

President & CEO

“We always keep our clients’ vision and goals in mind during our process of executive talent acquisition, which begins with getting to know your organization, its needs and culture. Our search team is invested in finding the right leader for your organization, effectively and efficiently.”

Established in 1974, Richardson Executive Search embodies a legacy grounded in the entrepreneurial spirit of Alberta and an unwavering commitment to integrity. A proud member of the ECL Group of Companies, Richardson has been a key player in executive talent acquisition since 2014. The company’s rich history reflects its dedication to excellence and client satisfaction, making it a cornerstone in the executive search landscape. With headquarters in Edmonton and an additional office in Calgary, Richardson defies geographic constraints, showcasing a nimble approach to serving its clientele. Beyond its Alberta roots, Richardson competes on local, provincial, and national levels. The company’s dynamic expansion has reached diverse regions, including Ontario, Northwest Territories, Arizona, and Nebraska, solidifying its position as a formidable force in executive search and placement.

Their executive search solutions provide clients with a distinctive understanding of their needs, employing an inside-out approach. This enables them to offer strategic insights and implement crucial organizational team roles and support requirements. This approach allows them to customize search parameters, identifying unique backgrounds, values, and attitudes tailored to each organization. From CEOs, CFOs, and Vice Presidents to Executive Directors, their executive search service comprehensively understands a company’s needs. They harmonize the art of people with the science of evaluation, advising clients on optimal next steps specific to their requirements. Their searches prioritize cultural fit, assessing leadership styles, capabilities, and motivations in candidates.

In their search process, the team at Richardson Executive Search maintains a commitment to consistent and effective communication with clients and candidates. They view themselves as ambassadors of their clients’ brands, fiercely protecting them by ensuring professional communication and feedback throughout the search. Beyond successful recruitment, their passion extends to providing ongoing search and advisory services, supporting organizations and executives throughout every step of their journey.

At Richardson, the company believe finding effective leadership is a flexible balance between the art of people and science of evaluation—always adjusting to the needs of the situation, or organization. “We always keep our clients’ vision and goals in mind during our process of executive talent acquisition, which begins with getting to know your organization, its needs and culture. Our search team is invested in finding the right leader for your organization, effectively and efficiently.”

Guided by a seasoned President and CEO, complemented by Vice Presidents with over 50 years of collective experience, Richardson’s leadership team boasts a wealth of expertise in executive and professional recruitment. The team’s extensive networks span coast to coast, and their active participation in various boards and committees underscores a commitment to community involvement and industry leadership.

Richardson places a premium on quality over quantity, engaging in comprehensive exercises with client companies to understand their unique dynamics, culture, and needs. This meticulous approach ensures the identification of leaders who seamlessly integrate with the client’s team culture and values. Beyond recruitment, Richardson is committed to supporting clients through the entire leadership journey, facilitating seamless onboarding and integration processes.

In aligning with global standards, Richardson is a proud member of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC). Established in 1959, AESC is the pinnacle professional association for executive search and leadership consulting firms worldwide. Boasting a membership of over 16,000 trusted professionals in 1,200+ offices across 70+ countries, AESC sets the gold standard for quality and ethics in the field.

AESC members, including Richardson, adhere to the industry-recognized Code of Professional Practice, assuring clients of their reliability as trusted advisors. The association’s mission—Shape. Connect. Educate. Innovate.—is reflected in the commitment of its members to upholding the highest quality standards in executive search and leadership consulting. With expertise spanning leadership, teams, and culture, AESC members place over 100,000 executives annually in board of directors and C-level positions across diverse industries.

Richardson’s alignment with AESC’s values reinforces its commitment to excellence, benefiting both clients and the profession. The partnership ensures that Richardson remains at the forefront of global best practices, providing clients with not just a search firm but a strategic partner in their leadership endeavors.

In the fast-paced and dynamic business landscape, the need to swiftly fill leadership roles arises unexpectedly. Richardson excels in these situations, leveraging robust industry networks to expedite the process and meet your organization’s specific expertise requirements. Whether facing the challenges of an unforeseen merger or the sudden departure of an executive, Richardson is adept at providing timely solutions, be it for short-term exigencies or long-term strategic needs.

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