Administrate: A Different Approach to Training Software

John Peebles


"Building a great work environment is a dream we all share at Administrate, and I couldn’t be more proud of this team and this accolade," says John Peebles, CEO. "We’re committed to doing better as a company every day."

When it comes to sophisticated training needs, such as instructor-led training or in-person events, physical resources are frequently required as part of the course. Administrate has features to assist and understand what resources are needed, what is available, where it is, and so on – but with IoT platforms and asset monitoring, so much more may be automated and streamlined. The beauty of Administrate is how expandable it is: they developed it from the ground up to interface with and make use of various data sources to help an organization make better decisions. Administrate is a training management platform that uses complete, flexible, cloud-based software to assist businesses in optimizing their learning and development operations.

Administrate is trusted by hundreds of corporations and millions of learners to help them drive their training and learning functions efficiently and successfully against critical business outcomes. Administrate is assisting the world’s most forward-thinking businesses on their learning journey. This platform helps clients and partners level up their teams and processes via learning, allowing them to improve their training operations and learn and develop more efficiently. This software is a SaaS solution designed for size and flexibility, essentially a training operations center that can be utilized by both internal training departments and organizations that provide external training.

The potential for what they’re doing at Administrate is huge, and the chance to make a genuine difference in the world is thrilling. More case studies demonstrating our ability to enhance an organization’s training operations and favorably affect business outcomes are being created with each customer they engage. From the standpoint of employee engagement and retention, there are significant benefits to leveling up a team, and the administrator plays a unique role in this regard. “Building a great work environment is a dream we all share at Administrate, and I couldn’t be more proud of this team and this accolade,” says John Peebles, CEO. “We’re committed to doing better as a company every day.”

For more than two decades, MDBriefCase has been a leader in Continuing Medical Education (CME), delivering CME and professional development to more than 280,000 medical professionals in more than 20 countries. MDBriefCase was spending $800,000 per year on disconnected learning technology, which was restricting their agility and flexibility as they prepared to enter four new markets. As a top source of CME to healthcare practitioners in Canada, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East, MDBriefCase focuses greatly on being able to swiftly reach learners across geographies as a top source of CME. They turned to Administrate in need of training software that was both durable and versatile. To offer its training, MDBriefCase used seven separate websites, various unique learning technologies, and a disjointed learning tech stack. They teamed up with Administrate to integrate all of these technologies into a single, simpler training operations platform.

Administrate is the industry’s leading learning technology platform for scaling and managing enterprise training. Royal Caribbean Group, Siemens Healthineers, and Maersk, for example, use a single configurable interface to automate laborious procedures, manage complicated training schedules and logistics, and generate sophisticated intelligence reports from previously untapped and segregated data. This premier cloud-based solution assists businesses in gaining insights that drive strategic business choices and future-proofing their learning technology, proving a true return on investment and the commercial benefit of good corporate training.

The relevant data, both the depth of its data model and the volume, is the Administrate’s competitive advantage. The Administrate platform is one of the most extensive resources for important business data for many of our most successful clients and partners. They developed Administrate to be at the heart of a training department’s universe, so it serves as a hub and repository for all of the data they need to succeed.

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